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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tea Baggers With Foreign Policy?

I've noticed on several news pieces that the Tea Bag "convention" held this week in Tennessee mentions a session called "Correlations between the current Administration and Marxist Dictators of Latin America." Lacking the pocket change for the $350 or $550 registration to attend the convention I tracked down a little info on the session speaker.

Ana Puig is a Brazilian Immigrant to the US, married to a Cuban exile. She holds a BA in International Business from Baylor. And she thinks Obama, Evo, Lula, and Hugo are part of a unified twenty-first century Marxist cabal. Good times. For more good times, watch the following two videos - handkerchief at the ready to dry away the tears of laughter and of utter sadness. I suggest watching it on a cheap screen if you are a thrower.

Do they make blogs big enough to rebut point by point? Do I want to take that much time away from my kids, wife, and career to do it - and endure the teabag mail? Hmmmm.... nope.

I guess at the end of the day, running the US like Colombia under Sarah Palin would be ideal? Wow.

FYI - I get no end of mirth from Beastie Boys Sabotage being the suggested video for viewing after seeing Puig.

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