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Thursday, February 18, 2010

"I desire you would remember the ladies... ."

Where have all the women gone? Lost in the all the chatter of Ciudad Juarez as an apocalyptic end-time nightmare or a soon-to-be ghost town (or even of the Catholic Church's encouragement of a new strategy) is the old coverage of the women of Juarez. World War 4 Report says that a monument is in the pipe as artists from accross Mexico are called upon to submit proposals for a monument to the hundreds of women killed in Juarez. Most of the homicides in the drug violence have been men - is there anything to this disappearance of the femicides in the eyes of the outside world as the bodies of men pile up? Have the femicides stopped, or has the purpose and function they served to outsiders simply been replaced? Juarez, even amidst the end of days (apparently), has not forgotten the ladies, it seems.

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