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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weeping, Wailing, and Nashing of Bread

I tend to stay away from commercials and culture, but this tickled my funny bone. I watched the NBA final game between LA and Boston last night and I was suprised to see Steve Nash doing a Wonder Bread commercial - in Spanish. For me, it was a funny commercial on a lot of levels. A player for a team that opposes the Arizona laws, one of the few high performing white players in the NBA, a Canadian player selling a multinational brand (sold by Weston in Canada, Hostess in the US, and Grupo Bimbo in Mexico)and probably the largest corporate bakery in the world. That and it is truly athletic guy schilling some truly unhealthy bread. Anyway, it was a global bread experience.

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Anonymous said...

While I worked in rural Guatemala, one of the questions I was asked most often was how people in the US could get by on bread (since we lack corn tortillas). I'm sure this was the bread they had in mind.