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- but not always.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

I Am Better Than You (Said the Lady to the Tramp)

Lady selling meatballs and tortillas at the puesto in Teplacingo, Morelos (Lady).
Friend and Chofer de Cuernavaca (Amigo)
Me (Me)

Lady: Where are you two from?
Amigo: I'm from Cuernavaca. This guy is a historian from Texas.
Lady: Wow... so far away. Well, you are welcome here, even if you don't want us there. You are always welcom here.
Me: ***slightly choking on a really good chorizo meatball and turning red out of shame for a lack of hospitality on the part of my patria.***

Sub-text: Yeah, we're not all that wealthy, but we have hospitality. It must suck to have so much and still have so little. Caray.

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