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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Associated Press: At War in Cuernavaca

At the end of April Olga Rodriguez and the Associated Press issued a report that Cuernavaca was being torn to pieces by cartel violence. Bodies in the street, hanging from overpasses, etc. Today, according to the English language report called The News, Rodriguez was doing less than than reporting and more than playing to the Hollywood of news:

... according to AP’s Latin America Editor, Niko Price, he had sent her and her colleague, Oswald Olonso, not to write an in-depth analysis of drug trafficking in this fair city, but to write about “fear.
The News argues that the AP report was not exactly, well, accurate, and that it cherry-picked evidence for the story (though nobody should be surprised about the press doing that).

Of course The News caters to the American ExPat community in Mexico and certainly plays to its own readership base - though I do not discount the accuracy of the report. Because business in Cuernavaca has certainly suffered because of the AP report, it looks like Rodriguez and the AP have found a war of their own.

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