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Thursday, April 1, 2010

No More "eshorts" For Tlatachamulco

San Andres de Tlatachamulco just west of Toluca in EdoMex is a fairly sleep pueblo, and one that has apparently gotten just a little spicier. Like many small rural towns it sends almost a third of its population to the United States, but many of the young men that have been returned to San Andres are, well, sharing a little too much of themselves with the community. Well starched "Dickies" pants hanging nearly to the bottom of the young mens' nalgas have caused a stir in the town for almost a decade now, but it wasn't until the muchachas in the village had seen enough that the situation was remedied.

Last week, in an effort to "escandalizar" (according to one young woman interviewed by El Sol de Toluca) the young man and the village, girls from 15 to 34 swapped the standard painted on jeans of central Mexico for Daisy Dukes - the cut off denim jeans that show more than they cover. While the young men weren't in the least hurt by this, the pueblo was certainly scandalized, and the next day a special meeting in the cabildo passed a resolution banning both Daisy Dukes and the saggy pants. "Entendiamos lo que querian decir las chavas del pueblo y nos pusimos de acuerdo en cuanto a la resolucion," proclaimed Presidente municiapl Roberto Navas Plena. Whether such a resolution can stand will be interesting to watch. Speaking of interesting to watch - see some of the tamer pictures of the afore-mentioned cavorting here.

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