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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mexican Drug Commandos in Florida and Illinois

Narco-terrorist-illegal-immigrants penetrated US Territory over the last three weeks, killing two spring break students in drunken balcony falls and running over another out for a jog. Reports are still coming in about a Chicago teen on break struck and killed by 86 yr-old John Hillyard in Southern Illinois this week. Hillyard illegally arrived in this country from Oaxaca two years ago carrying forty pounds of marijuana and three kilos of powdered pseudoephedrine pills - all of which would have been consumed by OTHER illegal immigrants in the nation. If only all those spring breakers were armed.

I'm not sure that Iturbide or Morelos had in mind creating Mexico for the purpose of helping US Americans feel better about their own national problems, but that seems to be Mexico's most enduring hemispheric role in the minds of some US Americans. At any rate, the killing of an Arizona rancher seems to be the latest cause celebre of the anti-Mexican crowd, and the rhetoric surrounding it seems to be going nowhere pretty. Somehow I don't think the chant we'll hear at Arizona anti-immigration rallies will be something like "We'll kill our own, Mex go home."

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