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Monday, July 6, 2009

Partido Party Means Economic Dip

Wow. PRD takes a real bruising... PAN takes a swift kick in the shorts... and the PRI jumps ahead as the only viable party to stand above the screamers (PRD) and schemers (PAN). Ouch! When the PRI is your viable option, something has seriously short-circuited in the other two parties. Then again, the PRI did keep Mexico from heading down that thorny "golpe de estado" path that Honduras is currently treading. Perhaps combined with some sense of removing corruption.... Nevermind.

Bloomberg reports that Mexico is going to take an economic pounding over this vote, as corporations find that the PAN will be less able ram decisions through congress.

And just for goofy fun...

This is how my wife refers to the three parties in Mexican politics.

PRI (The before party) Makes sense...it was the party that ruled "before" and it has that "pre" sound.

PAN (The bread party). Again...the word makes sense and they promise to improve the economy (not saying they do...just saying that is their schtick).

PRD (The pretty party). A stretch. It makes that "PERD" sound you get in "Ain't you got a purtty mouth). Not sure she has any observations on their politics.

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