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Monday, June 29, 2009

This week in Nacogdoches... Violence in Mexico

Aryan Nations thugs kidnapped a girl.

A vagrant tried to kidnap my neighbors three kids.

A football player was shot and killed outside a BBQ joint.

An armored car was robbed at a bank.

A 27 year old woman shot a 5-year old in a drive by shooting.

A 14-year old was stabbed in the gut by thugs.

A man was gunned down by a stranger as he pushed a disabled car across the street.

In the last couple months a man shot and killed his wife through the kitchen window and burglars shot and killed a college student in his apartment...and two traffic accidents of drunk drivers killed 6 or 7 children down the road in Lufkin. Once more, I am AMAZED at the way my students talk about Mexico as a place of violence when the police report for the town they live is worse than they probably even know.


El Aguila said...

It's all about how people receive their news. Or even if they care to be informed at all. The internet is wasted on the young. Here in AZ the legislature is allowing gun owners to bring their weapons into bars and restaurants. The NRA types are claiming that we will be safer as a result of more guns.

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why I'm afraid to travel in the United States. I just hope the violence doesn't spill over into Mexico.