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Saturday, June 27, 2009

US/ France DON'T shell Veracruz: You've Come a Long Way, Baby.

Just noticing that this week Mexico is exercising some sovereignty regarding law enforcement. We have the DOJ in the US saying that Mexico can prosecute a better case against Zhenli Ye Gon, the Chinese-Mexican millionaire with shady drug ties and lots of spare narco-cash lying around his Mexico City mansion.

France is managing to deal with the idea that Florence Cassez, the convicted accomplice of a kidnapping ring, is about to do some serious time in a Mexican prison rather than a French institution. However, a few years back there was a stink by Jean-Marc Rouillan in Le Monde that French prisons were a nightmare because they looked like US prisons - but that is still a long shot from a Latin American corrections institution. Thank her lucky stars she isn't doing time in El Salvador or Peru. Anyway....

Point being, France has yet to send an invasion fleet and demand reparations (pastries, anyone) and the US hasn't shelled Veracruz, so maybe we are seeing a maturation on the international scene regarding Mexico. Maybe. Perhaps we'll start treating Mexican citizens like they have rights in the US, next.

Compensating, fellas?

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