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Monday, April 20, 2009

Will She Be Asked to Salt and Eat Her Husband?

Sol de Toluca reports that the Diocese of Toluca is asking priests to post a list of prices (shall we say cedula de aranceles?) for all their services to avoid abuses by the clergy. Aparently there has been some over charging in Zinacantapec and the bishop wants to nip things in the bud. This move came from within the church, but 150 years ago this would have been cause for town massacre.

This one just tickled my funny bone as we wrapped up the bourbon reforms a couple weeks ago in the "Religion in Latin America" course. Clerical abuses were a hot topic among my mostly Protestant group. No worries...I come prepared with a quick slide show about Protestant abuses when I come in so we can avoid WASP self-esteem boosting through Catholic bashing and focus on the history.

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