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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guerra Sucia ...The US Spills Over to Mexico

Reports in Milenio on the upcoming election in Nuevo Leon describe what the news magazine is calling "guerra sucia." The offense? Push polling. Not that I'm calling for the "happy days" of a free sandwhich and a Tecate for your vote *cough - Salinas*, but I'm disappointed to see that the opening of the democratic process in Mexico is coming with the unsavory technological imports like push polling.

Over at La Opinion, Samuel Schmidt of the Universidad Autonóma de Ciudad Juarez is also using "guerra sucia" for his description of PANista politics in the last three years.

All things considered, do we really want to be invoking the term "guerra sucia" for nasty political tricks? Although, considering some of the allegations blowing around, perhaps we are talking about more than tricks and a little more "guerra."

That aside...considering the lovely imports that US "advisers" bring, I love this comic by David Horsey of the Seattle PI....

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