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Monday, April 6, 2009

Mexican Violence Spills Over...

Mexican drug cartels put more notches in their belts in early 2009 as violence from the border spilled over to Binghamton, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Pinelake, NC, Santa Clara, CA, and Geneva, AL. (I actually think I missed a couple.)

Conservatives have resolved to remedy the problem of violence in the United States by building a wall across private land in Texas and raiding the Home Depot parking lot in San Gabriel, California.

Guns don't kill people, a psychic link to violent Mexican culture kills people.
Having had to cancel a course that would travel to Mexico because parents have panicked about "violent" Mexicans, I was struck by the absurdity of two people being gunned down last week in our small town. The news has been dripping with mass killings and here in Texas local legislators are introducing a bill to allow university and college students (STUDENTS!!!) to carry weapons in the class room. Violent society? This is surreal ... an exploration of the absurd.

For conservatives ready to go after Mexico on "violence" in society, pick up your own "guiding set of principles" and read St. John 8:1-9.


El Aguila said...

You know me, I am a Yellow Dog Liberal, but I don't know if the Republicans are to blame for the wall, etc. Both the President and Secretary of State supported the Wall at least while serving as US Senators. The anti-immigrant wing of the Republican party maybe getting all the press coverage, but the lack of leadership on this issue from the Democrats is equally sad.

JHD said...

I have to place the anti-Mexican fervor in the country squarely on the shoulders of the Republicans. Democrats do need to show greater strength of leadership in overcoming the frenzy whipped up by Republicans...but I'm not sure it can be done any time soon.

It isn't dems that are jumping up and down hollering about Mexico being a failed state and then ignoring the gun (and other) violence in our own nation. If the "Christian nation" position is going to be taken, let's see some Christian behavior - like yanking some beams out of our eyes before we start gunning for Mexican motes.