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Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh, Man, This Chavez Guy...

The LA Times had its normal trashy coverage of Venezuela earlier this week, and I see the San Jose Mercury News has taken to printing smears instead of opinion columns. Granted, the original was a from the Washington Post, but I assume better of the SJMN.

While I'm of the mind it is time for Chavez to depart (for the sake of the program he started), I'm also of a mind that a serious document on US policy toward Latin America needs to be drafted by somebody who isn't part of the East Coast foreign policy club that does little more than re-hash Kennedy era approaches to Latin America.

1) Who in Venezuela is ready to take up the Chavista torch?

2) Who in the United States is ready to craft a quality policy assessment for the new administration?

3) Who in the new administration is going to listen?

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