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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Netherlands to Honduras: Here's Your Teeth Back

La Tribuna reports that Holland has repatriated a set of teeth that originate in Copan, and were inlaid with jade and pyrite. Two things struck me about this piece. First, I recently posted on the fake Tlaloc given as a "gift" to the people of San Miguel Coatlinchan in exchange for the real one taken 40 years ago. Second, I was intrigued about the place the story ran - the society pages.

Yep, the tiny and little picture of the teeth was passed up by four pictures of members of Tegucigalpa society present at the embassy party. Little to no information was provided about the teeth, but we do get a close up of Yeymi Avila. As lovely as she is, I was thinking the repatriation of Myan artifacts might come under arts or heritage - not the society pages above the wedding announcement of Armando and Ada.

Oh, and FYI, a quick look at Latin America Herald Tribune states that the teeth were returned anonymously to the Honduran embassy in Holland. No concrete info on how the teeth got to Holland, though I suspect Fritz on Spring Break '78 or some such.

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