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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The ABCs of DHS...All BS, or, Homeland Security - the Sitcom

ABC has what looks to be a perky little program about the Department of Homeland Security slated to air this week (fittingly, produced by the guy that brought us "Big Brother" on CBS). I'd like to see the what odds Vegas bet takers are laying down that the following get little air time:

1) Corruption by US border agents.

2) The US threat to Mexico via arms smuggling.

3) The internal US border points that suspend the US Constitution.
(Thanks to MexConnect for pointing that one out)

4) Firing whistle blowers from Border Patrol.

5) Suspending property rights for a border fence.

6) Homeland Security Child Rapists.

7) The general "waste, fraud, and abuse" found in DHS.

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