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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dying to Be Like the US

For now the death of a Texas prosecutor in Mexico is looking like a suicide - not exactly an uncommon occurrence in the United States.

Mexico is apparently experiencing its own movement to be "more like the United States" with not only a (slight) rise in teen narcotics use but a 275% rise in suicides. Economic pressures (including immigration problems), the absence of a social support network, and failed relationships top the list of causes. I suppose the "Annex Mexico" folks will see this as a positive sign.

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Anonymous said...

It appears from the Mexican press that the prosecutor offed himself with nembutal, available over the counter from veterinary pharmacies, and used normally for ethanizing animals.

Outside of Mexico and Switzerland, its illegal to possess without authorization, so some "right-to-die" proponents have been pushing "one-way trips" to Mexico. Several elderly Australians have been prosecuted in their country for smuggling nembutal from Mexico (or attempting it), and this wouldn't be the first time someone planned a "one-way trip" to Mexico.

Then again, gringos have been coming to Mexico to die for a long time... think of Ambrose Bierce, "To go to Mexico, that is euthanasia."