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Monday, March 15, 2010

Students Drawn by Cheap Booze - And That is Exactly the Problem

BNET reports that many of Mexico's resort destinations have remained popular over spring break, despite warnings of violence in Mexico. What's drawing these fine young scholars?

The secret to luring American college students? Cheap,all-inclusive package deals including all-you-can-drink.

Let’s face it, the Spring Break bottom line is booze, beaches and sun at the cheapest price possible. If hotels and airlines can get together to make a cheap package where a college student never has to pay for a drink, that package becomes pretty appealing. And Mexico knows that.

About 25,000 students from the United States and Canada are expected to lie on Mexico’s beaches, drink and party, up from 20,000 last year.

And that, folks, is the problem. Spoiled children of the middle class demand their thrill without having to deal with the cost - exactly the parable of the narcotics war. US Americans want their buzz, and Mexico pays the price via the violence.

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