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Monday, December 8, 2008

Texas and California

When I first read Jose Antonio Burciaga's "Drink Cultura" I wasn't entirely convinced that there was a huge difference between Chicanos in California and Tejano Chicanos. Then I moved from California to Texas. I was wrong. Way wrong.

I think I'll start a series of posts on California vs. Texas. First entrants.

Ask a Chola for California (which is, by the way, the most June Cleaver Chola I have ever seen).


Latino Comedy Project for Texas (the "Mex/BC" part 3 had me wet my pants laughing).

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El Aguila said...

As a native Californian who lived in Odessa, TX for 8 years I completely agree with you. The differences are shocking. I will use two examples. I think Texans and Tejanos are more pragmatic than me and mine in California. Texas has mastered the art of the backroom deal. In California, if you aren't shouting to prove your point than it's not important enough point to acknowledge. Texas is about getting it done, no matter what the problem is at hand.

Even though I grew up in a bilingual family, I never felt more comfortable speaking Spanish in public than in an Odessa Wal-Mart, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc. In California, some non-Hispanic ethnicities will give you dirty looks because you should be speaking English. On the other hand, a fellow Hispano might be offended because you have presumed that they don't speak English when initiating a conversation in Spanish.

By the way, the Latino Comedy Group is hilarious and reflects that pragmatism that is uniquely Tejano. I love their 300 spoof. I included that link below: