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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peregrinos and Burgers

Happy feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe ... tomorrow. In prep for the celebration, I wanted to share a great picture from last year that appeared on the Univision web site.

Who doesn't love a good "Pilgrim's Combo." Yep, for 32 pesos and a few miles walking on your knees you get a double burger, kid sized fries and a small drink.
I put this on my office door last year with a small sign saying "Viva Capitalismo Mexicano." A few people stopped to say that they couldn't believe that a burger and fries in Mexico cost $32 dollars. jajajajaja

Ruben Martinez writes in The Other Side that Mexico was the first post-modern nation 500 years ago. Nothing like a Peregrino Combo to drive home the point.

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