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Thursday, November 20, 2008

No kidding, Tony.

Ambassador to Mexico, Anthony Garza, has made what appears to be his first intelligent move for some time. After creating a panic in Mexico last week by implying that the United States had intelligence services operating in Mexico City, Garza has rectified his blunder this week through a fairly interesting piece of honesty - the United States is responsible for the problem of drug violence in Mexico.

The picture to the side was on the cover of Uno Mas Uno today. Check out the following from Garza:

“México no sería el centro de la actividad de los cárteles o estaría experimentando este nivel de violencia, si no fuera por Estados Unidos, el mayor consumidor de drogas ilegales y el principal abastecedor de armas a los cárteles.”

Did I wake up in a "really" segment of SNL?

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