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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Travel Advisory: Texas

A travel advisory has been issued for Texas. Travelers are urged to use caution due to recent violent behavior in this border state - the largest known export point of weapons to Mexico and a major hub for human trafficking and narcotics consumption / production. Of particular concern are institutions of higher learning and military establishments in the state, though mothers and infants possibly possessed by demons may be strangled, bludgeoned to death, or drowned in mud puddles. Women married to men are at particular risk, both on military bases and in the region of East Texas. Cross burnings and white supremacist kidnapping / murder schemes also make travel in East Texas inadvisable. Travelers should be wary of all people and locations while in this former breakaway republic.

I'm so glad to hear UT Austin urged students to avoid travel in Mexico (and recalled many) for safety's sake. Why go get mugged while drunk and naked in Mexico when you can get shot at by perfectly good Texas criminals?

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