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Monday, May 10, 2010

Publicidad: Lessons From Eight

Whether you are a fan of Prop Eight in California or not, argues La Opinion this week, what Latinos need to learn from that California Vote on same-sex marriage is that a minority using publicity can get what it wants done. A publicity fight, they argue, which needs to be taken to "white" TV:
De nada sirve hacerlo en nuestros canales latinos, son poquísimas las personas de nuestra raza que no nos apoyan. Unos cuantos rezagados Minutemen con rostros latinos que salen de vez en cuando diciéndonos que nos vayamos.
Face time is what a good PR push needs, and perhaps if anything positive can come out of the Arizona debacle, it will be to find a solution to a situation where the border of two neighbors is increasingly militarized, often by private parties (though I doubt that is what Milton Friedman has in mind regarding a free market).

On a side note, the La Opinion piece highlights another of the great ironies of this debate: much of the support for 8 in California came from religiously conservative Latinos. I'd be curious as to where various individuals that worked against 8 come down on the Arizona laws.

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