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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Luz Del Mundo - Tragedy in Yucatan

On Sunday, Dec. 6 at least two were killed and twelve were wounded when followers of the LLDM church gathered to carry out construction work on a temple in Uman, Yucatan. LLDM prides itself on donated labor for work, and this time it had dangerous consequences.

Read more at: Diario de Yucatan and here as well. (The original news and stories of bad permits).

La Jornada is saying that the construction was carried out without the proper permits and had grave structural errors:
"...fue erigido por los dirigentes de la Iglesia La Luz del Mundo sin permisos de construcción ni de uso de suelo; funcionaba sin estar terminada, y además se detectaron fallas estructurales en el inmueble, dijeron autoridades locales y estatales." See more here.
Diario de Yucatan is saying that they didn't have the technical inspection necessary to go ahead with the work.

At least that is what La Jornada and Diario are saying now... but we need to see what the official report is. With a PANista gov't in place and many LLDM members being a fairly vocal opponent of the PAN (see Sara Pozos Bravo's essays, for instance), this may be the opening that the PAN will want to go after the evangelical church.

Then again, no PANista government in the church's home state of Jalisco would dare touch them... that would be like going pro-Castro in South Florida (political suicide).

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