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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blood in the Face: Joe Wilson, Dominion Theology, and White Supremacists

Lost in the kerfuffle about Joe Wilson's tantrum in congress is that the thing that moved him to break with two centuries of mostly civil treatment of Presidents by the Congress was the idea of immigration - Mexican immigration. Let's not fool ourselves and think that Joe Wilson is upset about Irish immigrants to NYC.

Take a moment and listen to the Fresh Air interview of Max Blumenthal about his book Republican Gomorrah. Considering the sort of Christian Identity and Dominion Theology folks involved (essentially Christian defenses of white supremacy - read Blood in the Face by James Ridgeway or see the documentary) I think we have a more dangerous sort of racism to deal with than the "no dogs or spanish" brand. Some racism can be dealt with by facts, numbers, time, and a little exposure / education. This brand, however, is dangerous. As Mal Reynolds would say, there's nothing more dangerous than "... a monster that thinks he's right with god." Sounds a lot like Joe Wilson and Glenn Beck to me. Is Wilson part of "The Family"?

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