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Monday, August 10, 2009

Poor Guadalajara, So Far From God....

El Informador was not my paper of choice when I lived in Gdl, but I popped in the last couple of days to read the local coverage of the impact of the Canada/US/DF visit to one of my favorite Mexican cities. While the play by play was interesting, I enjoyed most a story about the impact of the visit on the Corona market near Hidalgo that was shut off from traffic - and from customers.

I'm good with the US going south to discuss its protectionist policies that will strip Mexico and Canada of billions in trade dollars, but it also served as an interesting reminder that we can't even visit Mexico without ripping the food out of somebody's mouth.

Se quedaron los bolillos y las flores...

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO.- Luces en el horizonte de la Avenida Hidalgo. Todo era quietud ahí, frente al Mercado Corona, donde las personas esperaban. “¿Quién va a pasar, disculpe?”, dijo un hombre que se acercó al barandal, como todos los demás. “¡Obama, Obama!”, comenzaron a gritar los niños.


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