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Thursday, May 21, 2009

El Salvador: En Busca de Booze y Libertad

El Salvador is on the hunt. Not for democracy. Not for truth and reconciliation. Not for environmental recovery or potable water (though all those things would be great, I'm sure).

Nope, El Salvador is looking for a national cocktail. In a bizarre meeting of Benedict Anderson and Cheers, El Salvador is trying to answer the query of thousands(?) of tourists who come to that nation each year and ask, "Hey, what do you guys drink here...what's the national hooch?" Take a look at the short video.

Well, I suppose after democratic elections it is always time to get down to the business of setting up what is really important to the nation - providing an official avenue for visiting surfers and NGO workers to get crunked. I'm not sure that I am going to start seeing all sorts of "Señor Papusa’s" or "Chumpe's Bar and Grill" shirts on my spring break returnees, but maybe it will be nice to have something "official" to use in the toasts for Funes' big election day party. Hillary Clinton has already confirmed attendance, as have Lula and Hugo. Can't you see them all at the bar downing "Mojitos al Pulgarcito" or some such?

On a more serious note, if you would like a good "solidarity site" with El Salvador, try this one called CISPES founded by a guy (and his family) I went to undergrad with. CISPES

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